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  • Hot flashes, sleeplessness and the developing stomach bulge - which seems to come with perimenopause?

    Yes, perimenopause can bring these symptoms. One approach is to reduce common triggers such as spicy food, a glass of wine, and heavy meals, avoiding foods that contribute to bloating (starchy or refined sugar snacks and dairy). Our menopausal supper formula also helps our changing hormone levels to even out. Try it for two months and feel the difference. Your next years can be a pleasure instead of a burden. The body's language is telling us to alter our habits so the body rediscovers a new normal. Exercise, especially yoga and Tai chi, even regular walking, all help us find a new balance that feels right for mind and body.

    Yours in sympathy with great hopes for your changes,

    Amanda McQuade Crawford

    Amanda McQuade Crawford

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  • How to Take Memory Loss out of Menopause

    girl thinking

    You're never too young to prepare for a great menopause… or too old to improve your state of health… including your memory.  This is important to understand because the onset of menopause goes hand-in-hand with memory problems and brain fog in the vast majority of menopausal women. Read More

  • Taking the Mystery Out of Menopause

    Taking the Mystery Out of MenopauseIt’s not unusual for a woman to be confused about the stage of menopause she is in.  Because menopause is a process and not an event, it is possible to be regularly menstruating, but suffering from hot flashes, memory lapses, and weight gain ― problems we associate with menopause and irregular periods. Read More

  • I am a 50 year old female (peri-menopausal) looking for an herbal remedy for heavy menstrual bleeding and cramping as my cycles are worsening every month. What can I use to help elevate this pain naturally?

    Thank you for sending in your question and for including specific information that helps me understand a little better what might work best for you. At the age of 50 it is not too unusual for women to have flooding. To reduce the pain of cramping, herbalists might focus first on a cleanse -- this affects the hormones and the heavy bleeding that is tied into cramps. Our Feminine Cleanse is a powder-in-a-packet that mixes easily with water or a smoothie for a gentle but effective daily detox. This sets the stage for your changing hormonal balance to find a new healthy level.

    Meanwhile, there are two herbs I'd recommend for you: the Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex Agnus-Castus), taken daily throughout the month for at least 3 months helps the peri-menopausal journey proceed more smoothly, with less heavy bleeding. This is especially important since your cycles are worsening. The second is a natural, herbal, menstrual cramp relief remedy called Cramp Bark (Viburnum Opulus).

    Your change of life does not have to be painful! I wish you well, and thank you for writing to me.


    Amanda McQuade Crawford

    Amanda McQuade Crawford

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  • Menopause Mood Swings

    Natural Reactions to a New Stage in Your Life

    For many women, menopause and pre or “perimenopause” (and in some cases post-menopause) carries with it mood swings: abnormal variations in your emotional and psychological state that can range in severity from mildly annoying to extremely disconcerting – even scary.

    A New Life Stage, a New OutlookBalanced Mood

    There’s no other way around it: Menopause is a life changing event, signaling the metaphorical “end” of one stage of your life, and the beginning of another. But that’s no reason to panic! Read More

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