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  • What should I eat before a colon cleanse? Are there any exercise restrictions during colon cleansing?

    The best way to ease into a colon cleanse, which should not be a shock to the system, is to spend a week preparing (and you have almost 2 before your cleanse).

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  • I'm a 54 year old female with severe COPD. What herbal solution would you recommend?

    COPD is mostly caused by smoking but may be inherited as well. Some may be susceptible to chronic bronchitis and need preventive care, however, an evaluation from your primary physician is recommended as they will know your body and any restrictions you may have. Dietary help such as eating more fruits and vegetables and high quality protein is recommended. Avoid alcohol, refined sugars, processed foods and fried foods. Try to improve diaphragm strength with exercises recommended by a pulmonary physician. Low impact regular exercise with walking can also help.

    - James Sullivan, N.D.

    Jim Sullivan, ND

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  • New Year’s Resolution: Organic Food

    Organic Fruits and VeggiesSwitch your diet to organic fruits, vegetables and meats this year

    2014 is a brand-new year. Let’s celebrate with a brand new you! But where should you start? Try your diet: switch to eating organic food such as fruits and vegetables.

    Organic veggies are more expensive, so why eat organic foods? Because they’re free of pesticides and other chemical contaminants (most organic meats, too!). Read More

  • The Paleo Diet and Thanksgiving Dinner

    paleo diet recipes for thanksgiving

    How the newest healthy eating craze can transform your Turkey Day Dinner

    You already know that eating food that comes from the un-altered, natural earth is a great way to safeguard your health against the evils of poor nutrition, fertilizers, hormones and chemical additives. Odds are you already eat only-organic vegetables and if you do consume meat – only grass-fed and hormone-free varieties. Read More

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