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  • Feel Your Best - Part 2

    Amanda CrawfordLast week, Master Herbalist Amanda McQuade Crawford introduced us to the natural path to health. This week, she expands on the subject with recipes, advice, and natural healing tips for bone, skin, joint & digestive health!

    When you feel your best, you feel amazing – full of life and vitality. October is Women’s Health Month at Blessed Herbs – celebrate with us and keep your inner glow burning strong with these natural tips for skin, bone, joint & digestive health! Read More

  • 10 Foods that Boost Metabolism

    boost your metabolism and eat rightBy: Amanda McQuade Crawford

    Increasing your metabolism is a great way to lose weight naturally, and often permanently. This is because unlike fad diets, changing the kinds of foods you eat in order to give your metabolism a boost is a good way to alter your eating habits in a sustainable manner - without consuming even more calories or food energy. These 10 superfoods will boost your metabolism and speed up your body’s energy intake by degrees – and spearhead a healthier lifestyle at the same time! Read More

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