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  • Feel Your Best - Part 2

    Amanda CrawfordLast week, Master Herbalist Amanda McQuade Crawford introduced us to the natural path to health. This week, she expands on the subject with recipes, advice, and natural healing tips for bone, skin, joint & digestive health!

    When you feel your best, you feel amazing – full of life and vitality. October is Women’s Health Month at Blessed Herbs – celebrate with us and keep your inner glow burning strong with these natural tips for skin, bone, joint & digestive health!

    Skin Healthy Delight - Avocados

    Read More

  • Dandelion - the Backyard Herbal Remedy

    By Amanda McQuade Crawford

    Dandelion Herbal Remedies

    Have you ever tried to dig up pesky dandelion roots? They break off to grow another day unless one digs deep and patiently. As a child I was paid by my parents, who loved the appeal of a suburban perfect lawn, to dig out dandelions.

    Little did we know what I would one day do for a living: champion the deliberate spread of dandelions in all organic residential yards. It seems ironic – no, ridiculous, that weed-killers target this sunny yellow flower with exactly the health benefits so many people today need. Read More

  • What Advocates Say About Colon Cleansing

    Why are so many health-conscious individuals interested in doing a colon cleanse? The answer in part is because of the growing interest in nearly all forms of "alternative" medicine. This interest is both enabled and encouraged by the wealth of health-related information now available on the Internet. Read More

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