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  • Tart Cherry

    Tart CherryHealth Benefits Cherries are divided between two different categories: sweet and sour. Although the sweet cherries are filled with benefit as well, the sour ones, known as tart cherries, are considered to have more health benefits. Cherries in general have plenty of nutrients already, like pectin (soluble fiber that helps promote healthy blood cholesterol levels), beta-carotene, and Vitamin C. Tart cherries though have considerably more Vitamin C than sweet cherries. With that in mind, consuming the tart cherries brings many benefits to our immune system, thanks to the high presence of vitamin C. Tart cherries are contain many flavonoids, in particular anthocyanins, which gives fruits and vegetables their vibrant colors. The anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants that can help maintain joint health, cardiovascular health, and promote overall health in the body. These benefits occur due to flavonoids’ ability to promote strength in the connective tissue fibers (known as collagen) which includes the tendons, cartilage, and many other structural tissues. This in turn promotes healthy joints. The same benefits provided by tart cherries to joints also exist to support cardiovascular health. Eating just 20 cherries a day can significantly promote free radical protection, which helps support a healthy cardiovascular system. Buying Recommendations When buying blackberries, it’s important to look at how plumpy they are. The smaller the drupelets are, the more sour the blackberries will be. Choose berries that have a vibrant dark-blue color, with the stems attached. The darker the color, the more ripe they are with a higher antioxidants value. On the other hand, stay away from blackberries with white spots on the stem or drupelets as this shows spoilage and therefore possible lower nutritional content.

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