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  • Menopause Mood Swings

    Natural Reactions to a New Stage in Your Life

    For many women, menopause and pre or “perimenopause” (and in some cases post-menopause) carries with it mood swings: abnormal variations in your emotional and psychological state that can range in severity from mildly annoying to extremely disconcerting – even scary.

    A New Life Stage, a New OutlookBalanced Mood

    There’s no other way around it: Menopause is a life changing event, signaling the metaphorical “end” of one stage of your life, and the beginning of another. But that’s no reason to panic! Read More

  • All-Natural Menopause – Tips & General Advice

    Menopause adviceBy Amanda McQuade Crawford

    Menopause – for many women, this mid-life change becomes a new adventure of body and soul. In fact, many women discover new appetites or paths to pleasure. During this new time of self-discovery and change, women should endeavor to nourish a sense of emotional well-being while honoring their body – their physical “temple” of life! Read More

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