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  • 10 Easy Tips for Healthier Digestion at Any Age

    fotoYour digestive system is a key player in the health of your entire body. Without any conscious effort on your part, it breaks down the food you consume into nutrients that will be absorbed through your intestinal walls and carried by your bloodstream to be used by every cell in your body. And that’s only half the job. Once the nutrients have been extracted from your food and absorbed, your digestive system then goes to work preparing to rid your body of unneeded waste material. The digestive process is vital to keep you nourished, healthy and strong.

    Knowing this, you can see how important it is to make healthy choices to keep your digestive system running at its very best. Here are 10 easy tips you can implement right now to do just that.

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  • Tips for Choosing the Cleanse that’s Right for You

    choose your cleanse

    Treating your body to an all-natural herbal cleanse is one  of the best things you can do to eliminate built up  toxins, “reset” your metabolism and get rid of nagging symptoms that are making you feel less than your best.  But what kind of cleanse do you choose? To answer that question, you must set some goals for yourself and know what symptoms you would like to improve or eliminate altogether. Read More

  • Which cleanse would you recommend for a 30 day cleanse/fast?

    30 days of cleansing is one thing, 30 days of fasting is another, if you ever decide to fast for that long amount of time it is extremely important that you replace any nutrients that you have depleted from your body, additionally you should also talk to your healthcare provider before doing something so drastic. The first thing you'll want to do is to define your goals and what exactly you are looking to accomplish, then you will know the best route to proceed. We have a number of cleanses to choose from, and even different amounts of time to do each.

    • Use Revive Colon Cleanse Kit if you haven't cleansed before and are looking for some help getting your digestive system back on track – 5 days, no fasting required.
    • Use the Colon Cleanse Kit if you want a deeper colon specific flush. This can be done in 8 days, 9 days or 30 days and it all depends on how much you want to alter your diet. Only the 8 and 9 day option involve fasting and that portion of the cleanse only lasts 5 days.
    • Use the Internal Cleansing Kit if you want a full body system detox – 21 day program, includes a Colon Cleansing Kit, optional 5 day fast
    • Use the Women's Rebalancing Cleanse if you are nearing the menopausal years and would like help specifically resetting your reproductive system – 5 days, no fasting required.

    - James Sullivan, N.D.

    Jim Sullivan, ND

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  • Is your female cleanse indicated for fertility?

    Thank you for your question. Heavy metals and other problematic toxins in food, water, and air, are known to bind with hormone receptors, affecting reproductive health.

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  • Cleansing 101 in Today's Toxic World

    In-depth overview of today's toxic world, how toxins affect your body, how your body processes them and an overview of products that can help. Read More

  • Natural Cleansing for Menopause Relief

    By Amanda McQuade CrawfordWomen's Rebalancing Cleanse

    To understand why your body will benefit from the Women's Rebalancing Cleanse, it is important to understand the chemistry behind your menopause symptoms, or to put it bluntly: Why would our bodies give us menopause symptoms as all?

    Why do our body temperatures suddenly shift, so that we must fan ourselves and change into fresh clothing, or feel our emotions rise unexpectedly? Read More

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