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Audio Testimonials

Sometimes it is nice to hear a product review right from the source! The colon cleanser reviews that we feature here are all in audio format! You can learn more about The Colon Cleansing Kit™ by listening to the reviews below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or check out our FAQ section!

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There was never a time where I felt a sense of urgency

This was an email I sent to my family and friends after my amazing experience...since then six of them have done the cleanse...


About a month ago, brother Jon and I were pinging each other when he sent me a link to blessedherbs.com asking me if I knew anything about their colon cleanse program. I had always been interested in colonics but had never actually participated in a program. After spending time on the web site, I ordered the kit.

I just finished the program and wanted to share my experience with you. It is estimated that the average person carries 5-10 pounds of intestinal buildup or "mucoid plaque" in their intestines and colon. It is a hard coating of putrefaction that releases toxins into the bloodstream and prevents us from effectively absorbing vitamins and minerals into our system. It is one of the reasons that many people feel hungry all the time and crave stronger and stronger flavors. Autopsies on John Wayne and Elvis found 40 to 60 pounds of the stuff.

As a 15 year vegetarian and life-long non-smoker, non-drinker...I thought that while it would be good for me, I wouldn't see that much plaque removal. Boy, was I mistaken. First of all, I followed the program to the letter. It is 8 days...the first three is a "pre-cleanse" getting you ready for a five-day liquid only herbal fast. There are two herbal elements to the cleanse. The first is digestive stimulator capsules that help you get the bowels moving. The second is a toxin absorber powder. It includes psyllium husk (an intestinal broom ... not unlike Metamucil but totally herbal), bentonite clay (absorbs 40 times its weight in toxins and pulls the plaque from the walls of the intestinal tract), apple pectin and ginger root (anti-bloating and adds flavor to the drink).

During the five-day fast, you take the toxin absorber with organic apple juice five times a day three hours apart. Before bedtime you take the digestive stimulator. In addition you drink 6-8 glasses of pure (distilled water) a day. You can also drink additional apple juice and vegetable stock during the day if desired. I never felt hungry during the five days. I sit here on the morning of the six-day (waiting to break my fast with an organic apple) and have no hunger pains whatsoever.

So...the program suggests that you start seeing plaque on the second day of the fast. That is exactly what happened to me. It was absolutely amazing to see what was being removed. I thought it would start to slow down during the fast but yesterday was actually the heaviest removal.

Lest you think that you spend the day in the bathroom, don't worry. There was never a time where I felt a sense of urgency. In addition, it is a very pleasant experience (not violent at all) and you barely need to wipe yourself. There is no burning or rawness that would normally be associated with diarrhea.

Sorry for all the details but it has been a life-changing experience. I played tennis on days 3, 4 and 5 and it was the best I had played in years. My energy and overall sense of well being is quite extraordinary. In addition (although they don't advertise it as such) I lost 17 pounds.

Thanks Jon for sending me the link. I would encourage any of you to do it and counsel that if you do, do it by the letter. I did and felt like I received the maximum benefit. I know a couple of you have already ordered the kit. Please call me with any questions or for support.*

Good health!

Byron E.

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We felt clean, lost weight and it helped us better our diet

After reading the whole website my husband and I decided to purchase the product. We both had constipation problems and needed to do something about it, but like always we wanted something organic, and herbal. Obviously it doesn't get any more organic and herbal than the products from Blessed Herbs. The results were fabulous, it was an awesome experience for both of us, we felt clean, lost weight and it helped us better our diet, my husband lost 19 lbs. and I lost 12 lbs. (could of done more but I'm not as disciplined as he is) we are eating healthy and looking forward to do it again pretty soon. No hunger pains, no headaches, never felt uncomfortable. It's great, my suggestion start the pre-fasting on a Wednesday so that the weekend will be at home and you can have enough time to adapt to just going on a liquid diet. It's easy; it's worth the effort.*

Marisol M.

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We both are feeling great with much energy and a clearer mind

My wife and I did a 3-day prep and 5-day fast colon cleanse. We waited till now to tell our story to see how we felt after it was done for a couple weeks. During the colon cleanse on the 2nd day of the fast we both had bowel movements like were in the photos you have on your site so we thought it was great and it was over, were we wrong. We both continued to do the same and sometime better till all the drinks were done. We both are feeling great with much energy and a clearer mind. We both thank you for a wonderful product. We definitely will do it again next year if we can wait. I am 62 years old and my wife is 58. Have let friends know about the cleanse also.*

God bless you all and thank you.

Norm & Betty

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I am happy to have all that toxic waste out of my body

Wow! I am really amazed at what is inside of our bodies. I am so happy to have all that toxic waste out of my body. This kit is awesome, I am very grateful to this company. I feel much healthier and am going to do the cleansing once a year. I have told a lot of my family and friends about it and they are amazed as well.*


Michelle G.

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I am a very big eater, so I thought there was no way I could fast

Hi there!

I cannot wait until I am done doing the colon cleansing to write to you. I have tried one other kit and I failed to follow through with it. The reason was, after starving myself for a few days I was not passing any sort of mucoid plaque. This is not the story with Blessed Herbs. I am now on day 2 of the main cleanse. I am so excited about how much I am passing. My husband would not go and look at what I passed. I took pictures and he finally broke down and looked. He was amazed and said he might want to try it. He was worried about having to run for the bathroom with bellyaches. This is not true with Blessed Herbs. I have had the most terrible bouts with IBS for many years. I would worry about not being able to find a bathroom on time. I had the same thoughts this would happen when cleansing, not with your kit.

I am a very big eater, so I thought there was no way I could fast. I am not having a problem with this either. I do get a hunger pain now and then, so I drink more water plus the Toxin Absorber helps make me feel full. And after seeing what I pass there is no way I am going to eat and ruin the results now. I will write again after I am finished with the process.*



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Emotionally, spiritually, physically - it has been a complete inside-out makeover

Wow! That sums up my experience with the Colon Cleansing Kit. I can't believe the difference. I am more awake, alert, and alive now than I have been in many years.

I couldn't believe the stuff that came out of me. The effect of eliminating all of those toxins is both profound and apparent. Emotionally, spiritually, physically...it has been a complete inside-out makeover. And it literally happened in 8 days.

Thank you for such an incredible product. I am a better person because of your findings and your program. And many of the folks that have seen me, heard me talk about it, are so excited to try it. In fact, I just ordered another for my wife because she's totally convinced that I'm a better man now than just 8 days ago.*

Amazing! Many, many thanks and best wishes.

Antonio D.

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It is utterly amazing that we can have all of that gunk inside of us!

I cannot testify enough for this product! It is worth every penny and then some. I started with the internal cleanse and then the colon cleanse. I tried it with a very open mind and wasn't sure if I would get the same results as the pictures of mucoid plaque. Well, I most certainly did. It is utterly amazing that we can have all of that gunk inside of us! The fast was very easy to do. I did feel a little bloated on the second day. But once I started eliminating this nastiness, I felt great. Each day more energetic and sharp than the last. The toxin absorber helps to make you feel full, and usually if I was hungry it was time for the next dose. I feel full of energy and vitality and truly would recommend that everyone do this for themselves. You have nothing to lose except for disgusting, nasty waste that should not even be in you in the first place. If you are skeptical about doing a cleanse, realize that your body is your most precious investment. If you take care of it along the way you can prevent a lot of problems in the future. If you brush your teeth, or wash your face then you care about your hygiene. Think about the inside. Just waiting to be clean too. This is the truth.*

Shelly S.

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It's truly a full body and spirit experience.

I have done many diets in the past and always found that my inherited midsection would only loosen but never disappear even after significant (+60lbs) weight loss. I always wondered if I had some sort of internal blockage. I've also recently been in a deep doldrums, which I feared may be the onset of depression. I sought out Colon Cleansers after I saw an infomercial proclaiming their good. I went online and found their product lacking, researched best in class products, and after passing over an expensive product, found yours to be much better priced with a simpler process. I am by nature quick and easy to take to a fast due to my dieting past, and quickly bought Organic 365 Unfiltered Apple Juice, Blueberry Nectar and Coconut-Pineapple Juice for sustenance as well as Organic 365 Veg Broth and Miso Broth. I took 4 days to start the fast and after a late night minestrone with some scotch with friends, I woke the next morning to enjoying my first of 4 shakes. I must say that the shake the night before sucked out my hangover. Since that point, I've stayed away from Liquor and have as of yet not eaten any solid food. The shakes keep me full.

The last two days of the pre-fast passed some odd dark colored stool, and the first day of fast, I did not have any bowl movement the entire evening. I took 2 capsules and wrote it off to the disruption from the scotch. This morning I passed an incredibly long (approx. 24") piece of what looked best like slimed green mass with strings and balloons. I am not sure if it was only plants (I eat a lot of veggies) or possibly a result of a bile condition I have which causes overproduction of bile. I had shakes all day and the hunger was nonexistent. Very enjoyable. All day I could feel my intestines alive with the power of your formulas.

This evening, I've passed several shorter lengths but more pronounced stools, which are consistently green. I'd estimate that thus far I've passed somewhere north of 16 oz of unexplained green stool. I did get all 5 shakes in today, and took 1 Stimulator at 7pm and 2 at Midnight, with a bacteria at 12:45 with juice.

I'm a very happy customer and cannot thank you enough. I always suspected I was carrying excess mass in my stomach. I believe that after the 5 full days I'll really make a dent in that. My future plans entail a business trip next week and I hope to gradually go back to a full diet and look sharp in my suit. And I have a date the following week so I'm excited b/c my stomach has gone down at least 20% since the morning I started the fast. I feel at ease emotionally and my mind is especially clear. It's truly a full body and spirit experience.

I intend to cycle a full Detox system at the start of Spring, and a full 10 day Colon Cleanse fast sometime in the fall. I hope to be more active with my lighter load and hopefully forever get rid of my family gut.*

Thank You!

Steven R.

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Before I did this cleanse, I was experiencing joint pain, aches and restlessness, but not anymore

I began using the Colon Cleansing Kit and  I was amazed on how fast the results were. On the first day, a lot of mucoid plaque came out. It was green in color and not like the pictures, but broken up. I feel completely lighter and clean. Before I did this cleanse, I was experiencing joint pain, aches and restlessness, but not anymore. You guys have a fabulous product; it detoxified my whole body.

Antoinette W.

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