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Visual Cleansing Results

Pictures say a thousand words! Some of our customers were so excited about our colon cleanse, that they sent us in a review that includes images! Learn more about The Colon Cleansing Kit™ by reading the reviews below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or check out our FAQ section.

EddieI never knew what a colon cleanse was used for. But I started my cleanse and on my pre-cleanse I noticed a big difference in my digestive system. After a week of doing the cleanse, I had more energy, my eating habit changed to a more healthier diet, I wasn't craving as much junk food as I usually do, and I lost 10 lbs and 2 inches in the waist, as you can see in the picture my face has even slimmed down. This product really foes work and I urge any and everyone to try it!!!


Patricia's Results PatriciaThank God for you and your family! You produced a product that performed exactly the way you said it would! Although the testimonies were powerful especially the photos, my faith was not in them because I felt people could be paid to say positive things. I thought about the money I've wasted on unprofitable gismos and gadgets that never performed what was promised, why not try something just for me! A total cleansing of mind, body and spirit!

I purposely started over the weekend because my husband loves to cook, his meals are irresistible and my God did he ever pour it on that week! I needed to stay focused for the following 5 days of liquid fasting. I truly prayed and received such an excitement that it really wasn't that hard to stick to the plan. The kit comes complete with everything you need...even the "shaker jar" which was such a wonderful touch! I followed the instructions to the letter!

I was a little fearful because I thought activities would happen while I was at work at the Post Office and could not explain why I have a digital camera around my neck going into the ladies room. It was ok for my family to see this camera and hear the clicking sound, but not coworkers or postal inspectors! But Lord and behold, I became sole proprietor of my own visual testimony!

My God, it was like the energizer bunny...it kept going and going and going! It was gross! I'm thinking to myself, this must be it! There was no odor! And I know this sounds really gross but there was no residue on my tissue!!! There was not residue for the entire 5 days of liquid fasting!!! I'm sorry, let me calm down! I would like to add other important vital signs such as: taking the dosage every 3 hours, I was never hungry, dizzy or faint. I had an enormous amount of energy without my daily cup of coffee which I gave up during my fast. Being in the coffee club at work, I had to make coffee every night. I had no withdrawal symptoms! The amazing part was that all my activities took place before I went to work and I took so many pictures it was hard to choose which ones to send with my testimony. I took my camera to work to show 2 coworkers that I was not crazy and you did not hire me. When they saw the actual pictures both ordered the kit! There are not enough words in the English language to tell you how grateful and appreciative I am of your "life's passion" in producing a pure and healthy product! This was a life changing experience for me!*


Marion's Results MarionI had been wanting to do your colon cleanse for 3 years now, unfortunately you didn't deliver to South Africa, and I wasn't really interested in any other colon cleansing products. However this year I'm teaching in South Korea, and finally got to try out your product! I was stunned when I got to see the rubbish that had left my body!! First of all-Eeeeuw! I could not believe that there was so much filth hiding in my body!

It just gave me another realization of how important it is to eat healthy food. I have always had a pretty healthy diet, since my parents only grow organic crops of vegetables. They are strong followers of maintaining a healthy diet. I was amazed when I went five days without eating, but when you first start seeing the dirt leaving your body; it gives you more motivation to keep going. Since my parents were very fascinated about my colon cleanse, I couldn't resist not taking pictures to show them. Since I'm in Korea the chopsticks came in very handy to help take the pictures. I know over sharing, but I always thought it was disgusting when people took pictures of the "you know what". My parents were just as shocked as I was! Anyway, this is just an email to say thank you. Keep going with your good work! One more thing, during and after my cleanse I also released a lot of my emotional issues, through this cleanse I really experienced a lot of clarity. Once again thank you. May God bless you and the wonderful work that you are doing. *


Nina's Results NinaEeeew! Gross! I'm so glad I got that out of me! The reason I decided to do this cleanse was because I saw the pictures people sent in and thought "Oh no, junk like that could be inside of me!"

I actually enjoyed using my juicer a lot. This was my first time ever fasting so when it got difficult, juice made me feel better.

The instructions were easy to follow and I plan to start doing this cleanse on a regular basis.*


Christy's Results ChristyI just completed my second cleanse from Blessed Herbs and feel incredible!!! I lost 7lbs of waste by doing the Best Option of the colon cleanse and I am continuing to lose weight. I have increased energy, my skin is glowing and the desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle is now a priority. I have referred several people to Blessed Herbs, because I believe it to be the best cleansing product on the market. I won't lie, the first 2 days of fasting were a challenge, but the reward was so worth the struggle. I continued to exercise while on the cleanse and found my workouts to be more intense and satisfying. The vegetable broth is fabulous and by day 3 of the fasting I felt very little desire to eat and my focus was to relieve my body of the excess waste that I consumed in the past. Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse will continue to be a way of life for me. I regulate my food intake because of the cleanse and refrain from processed foods that our body has difficulty digesting. I continue to drink the organic apple juice even after cleansing. I understand how important it is to cleanse our bodies from the damage we ingest and look forward to my next cleanse in the Spring. Thank you for creating this life-changing product that has enhanced my life.


Christy S.

Susan's Results SusanAloha!

First of all, I must say it feels a bit weird to be sending pics of my poo to complete strangers... but all in the name of good sportsmanship! It felt even stranger to TAKE pics of my poo...

My name is Susan; I am 24 and live in beautiful HI. I have had GI problems as long as I can remember. After my husband and I made a big move from our hometown on the mainland to Hawaii, I was feeling pretty toxic. I wasn't having regular bowel movements. I had tried colonics, diet modification, exercise, everything I could think of and was feeling pretty desperate. That is when I did a search for cleanses on the Internet and came across Blessed Herbs.

I did a lot of comparison and decided to give BH a try. The results were phenomenal. Everything that your company promised was delivered. I did the fast, only had the toxin absorber, organic apple, and some veggie broth with miso and, a ton of water. By day two my body was getting rid of some pretty nasty things and by day 5, I couldn't believe the results. This product was great, I highly recommend it!*

Thank you!


Linda's Results LindaMy name is Linda. Two years ago, just after my 37th birthday, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Up until that point in my life, I was what I thought, very healthy. My onset of RA was severe, within 2 weeks I was unable to dress myself or even open the car door let alone run the five miles that I was used to running! After finding a doctor, I started the long road back to health. I spent the first year trying all the toxic drugs available for treating RA, Humira, methotrexate and a lot of steroids. I found that although I was functioning, I could feel that my body was still very sick!

My doctor then felt I was ready to try the harder way, but definitely the right way! I immediately removed all processed food from my diet and began to feel stronger and healthier than ever! I never really knew what good health was until I quit eating the poison that the American diet is so full of!

The next logical step after being in drug free remission for over 8 months was to try to rid my body of what damage I had done through poor diet. Thus came the idea through a friend for the Colon Cleanse! I've never felt better and what came out of me was shocking but reassuring that THIS IS A MUST DO! I feel stronger and healthier than ever, I can't wait to do it again, and the experience was great. I had lots of energy and was surprised there was no hunger from start to finish!*


Shirodkar's Results Shirodkar As a vegetarian of 20 years, I did not expect much to come out, but how wrong I was! I was already getting results by the morning of day 2. It was wonderful not to experience the pangs of hunger, so I knew I'd last the full 5 days. It's just wonderful knowing this stuff is out of you, and I will certainly do an annual cleanse now. I now find my mood has lifted, and I have about an extra hour's energy a day before feeling tired. That gives me an additional 30 hours, or just over a day of extra time each month - remarkable!*

Thank YOU,

M. Shirodkar

Carl's ResultsI am sorry for not writing you, but it's that time of year when it's so hectic. I just haven't had time, anyway, I sent you the pictures of what came out of me, well Dr. Nature nothing came out. I don't have that bloated feeling any more, my stomach is gone down a lot. I still feel that I should have another cleanse very soon. I want to know what you think. But the cleanse I did from you was excellent, I would recommend it to everybody, it was really great.*


Omar's ResultsDoing the 5 day Colon Cleansing Kit™ with a water/juice fast...here are my results...amazing!*


Mary's ResultsI want to first say Thank You. The Colon Cleansing Kit was well worth the price as it is the only one that actually worked for me. I did the 9-day program with the fast and it was super simple. The taste of the ginger was nice and I loved the fact that I could still work while cleansing. The second day of fasting I eliminated much mucus and each day thereafter. It wasn't until three days off the cleanse that I eliminated the REALLY hard thick mucus plaque like the photos show.

I wasn't alarmed as I had spoken to the Herbologist Helen before cleansing and was told this might happen. Your company is the only one that I know of that has such wonderful customer service and quality products. I've also suffered from adult acne for ten years and it has cleared up by 50% in three days. The knot in my forearm that was the size of a Garbanzo bean is now the size of a pea! My mother and husband are now interested in cleansing after witnessing my success. Thank you much for quality products and fabulous employees! May many blessing always come your way.*


J's ResultsGood morning,

I just wanted to say that your product is actually amazing!!! I'm an American civilian in Kuwait and I first tried your product last year and it worked great. I bought it again this year and have almost completed back-to-back colon cleansing without stopping. I'm 100% fasting without any solid or liquid food accepts apple juice, toxin absorber, and the digestive stimulator capsules. I have 2 days before I finish the double colon cleansing and then I'll start my 21-day cleanse for the parasites, blood, lungs, liver and such.

I'm just completely amazed at how much literal crap has come out of my body. And I 'thought' that I was healthy! I would have to recommend to anyone who's serious about their health that they do the mental discipline and do a back-to-back complete fast. The amount of garbage that came out on the second fast is just unbelievable. It looked worse than the pic on your website.

I'm really writing this email for all of the nonbelievers and skeptics including certain co-workers who said it was a scam and they could make this stuff in their kitchen. Seeing is believing and this stuff works! It's the absolutely grossest 'crap' that I've ever seen in my life, but better out than in.

I'm even including pics and hope this doesn't offend you...but the skeptics need to know. I'm writing this like I'm getting paid...ha-ha. I've even recommended your product to many of my coworkers and associates here in Kuwait. Anyway...thanks for great products that TRULY work as they say! I can't wait to start the 21 day cleanse. I actually might even do another colon cleanse in a few months just to make sure I'm really clean.

It's been almost 2 weeks that I've gone without solid food and can honestly say that I was only hungry on my 2nd day. It's literally all in the mind because the mix makes my stomach full and I only want it cause I see it, but not cause I'm hungry. Well, I've taken enough of your time...Your product is truly amazing. I don't care if you use the pics on your site, but could you change my name or something. I don't want my pooh to make me famous...ha-ha. Thanks guys.*



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