What are your thoughts on coffee enemas?

Coffee enemas are beneficial if done properly with their intended use, and not abused, as this could lead to liver fatigue.

Coffee enemas are used to discharge bile salts from the liver, which in turn helps to alkalize the small intestine so that irritations from mucous and toxins are minimized. Immune factors in the gut wall are enhanced, which in turn help to sooth irritations rather than create dysfunction.

A coffee enema should only be used in a colon cleanse protocol when bowel regularity during cleansing becomes overwhelmed and becomes an issue. Ongoing regular use is not recommended. Discuss positives and negatives with your physician due to existing conditions.

Use pure filtered water to brew 3 tablespoons of organically grown ground coffee for every quart of water (the size of a standard enema bag), bring to a boil and let simmer for 15 minutes, then cool to body temperature before use.

Alternatively you could use Peppermint Tea (8 teabags) of organically grown leaves, pour boiling water over them, cover and let steep for 15 minutes, then strain and allow to cool to body temperature before use.


Amanda McQuade Crawford

Amanda McQuade Crawford

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