Two Questions: (1) My legs swell at the ankles and feet at night (2) My girlfriend has trouble with losing clumps of hair

The swelling of the ankles could be due to a number of things, therefore without knowing you, your body, etc. it is difficult to make an assessment – however, one indicator can be the kidneys. We would first recommend drinking plenty of water during the day to stimulate the kidneys to release excess water in the legs. The numbness could also be due to a number of other things with your body, but a broadscope approach would be trying Ginkgo and other members to help with circulation.

With regards to your girlfriend's hair loss, it sounds as if she may be deficient on key minerals. A good place to start may be our blood and lymphatic and kidney and liver detox formulas. Another avenue to try would be hair skin and nails formulas which include Gotu Kola, Horsetail and Nettles leaf.

- James Sullivan, N.D.

Jim Sullivan, ND

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