Understanding the life cycle of parasites and the difficulty in getting rid of them completely, how many cycles of parasite cleanse should I go through?

Killing parasites depends of course on how severe the symptoms of infestation exists and may take 2-3 trials over a course of time with pausing between trials to be successful. Parasite organisms can usually be diagnosed with stool samples with the help of a skilled alternative healthcare practitioner.

The more common symptoms that may guide one of infestations is a presence of persistent diarrhea and/or intestinal discomforts that may persist after diagnosis and cleansing protocols.

Further intensive screenings may be needed by your practitioner with scrapings from the mucous lining of the G.I. tract and sent to a lab that is familiar with these organisms to get even more accurate diagnostic results. But remember, our Parasite Cleansing Kits are carefully designed with all monocellular parasites organisms in mind and has broad scope for cleansing most all parasites by liquid and solid dose preparations.

- James Sullivan, N.D.

Jim Sullivan, ND

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