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Dr. Jason R. Jenkins, Milford, CT
Dr. Jason R. Jenkins
"I have been using the Blessed Herbs products for several years now. Personally my family and I follow the same regimen recommended to our patients: the Internal Cleansing Kit yearly followed by the Colon Cleansing Kit two additional times during the year."

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Marika Du Rietz, Los Angeles, California
Marika Du Rietz
"I use Blessed Herbs cleansing products as an early part of the Holistic Nutrition program for my clients. The fantastic formulas in the cleanse provides a way for the body to absorb all the new nutritious foods so the body can heal and be at its best.""

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Wendy Marks, Boston, Massachusetts
Wendy Marks
"I have personal experience with the liver detox virtue formulas and colon cleansing kits, and have found them very effective. With clients I have used the kits for weight loss and dietary change, and for detoxification. I have had uniformly good results, and feel Blessed Herbs has the best cleansing product on the market.""

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Dr. Darrell S.C.S. Misak, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Dr. Darrell S.C.S. Misak
"I have used Blessed Herbs cleansing products] Both personal and in my practice for 3 years. Have experimented with all cleansing kits and generally recommend yearly the Internal Cleansing kit followed by the Colon Cleansing Kit in the Spring and a repeat Colon Cleansing Kit in the fall.""

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Rachael Richardson, South Miami Beach, Florida
Rachael Richardson
"We have gotten excellent results using Blessed Herbs products. I"ve been using them in my practice for about 8 years. Each and every staff member and our family members have all used and benefited from the products. The kits are beautifully put together and the instruction booklets are key in good compliance.""

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Alicia Rocco, Minerva, Ohio
Alicia Rocco
"In our work as Practitioners we have discovered many cleanses over the years. The one thing we do know is unless you consider the whole body in cleansing you will not reach the potential to heal any disease, illness or discomfort. On the average it takes 21 to 30 days to cleanse properly the entire body step by step with very deliberate intentions. Martha Volchok co-owner of Blessed Herbs, one of the world's finest herbalists, developed these wonderful Blessed Herbs cleanses which we highly recommend for all of our clients, customers and practitioners to use. Herbal detoxification and cleansing with Blessed Herbs will get you started in a place to begin the process of healing. Then you will want to look at the next step in creating an Herbal Protocol for your health. Please enjoy the wonderful Blessed Herbs cleansing kits and products, and feel free to contact us at any time.""

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Dr. Michael Siebert, North Miami Beach, Florida
Dr. Michael Siebert
"I have been using Blessed Herbs products for years now. Personally, my skin has never looked better. In fact, my skin looks better today than it did when I graduated from school eight years ago. I know this is from the routine detoxification I go through. Just recently I was visiting Kansas City, my home town, and my aunt said to me, "It looks like you are getting younger...all that "stuff" you do is obviously working." I use Blessed Herbs products every six months for my own personal detoxification program. Furthermore, I have placed many patients on these products and have witnessed improvements in vision and overall health as well as one's energy.""

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Ara Wiseman, Ontario, Canada
Ara Wiseman
"Blessed herbs are wonderful, organic herbs that have been so helpful for a lot of my clients. I have a lot of constipated clients who have benefited from the digestive stimulator and the overall colon cleanse is safe, effective and clients lose weight from it. I currently work with police officers and I have one officer currently on the internal cleanse and he is doing really well, losing excess body fat, toxins and feeling so much more alert, healthy and has a lot more energy. I feel very confident using Blessed Herbs with my clients.""

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Kathleen Akin, Dearborn Heights, Michigan
Kathleen Akin
"I believe that your health begins with your gut and to have a colon cleanse would be the first thing I would recommend to all my patients. I personally started with the colon cleanse and then followed up with the internal cleanse. I had increased vitality, weight loss and undeniable improvement in my over-all health. All my patients thought the Blessed Herb cleanses were easy to follow and successful in achieving their health goals.""

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Angie Chaudoir, Missouri
Angie Chaudoir
"Blessed Herbs cleansing products ROCK!! I consistently have outstanding results with the colon cleansing protocols. I suggest Digestive Stimulators for folks that need ongoing support as well.""

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