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"It's easy and well worth the money."

For those of you that think this kit or these testimonials/pics are a farce, I assure you, they are not. While I choose not to provide visual testimonies of my results, I can tell you that what is advertised is the wholehearted truth. I'm now 30, and I have done the kit twice now in the past few years, aiming for my 3rd soon. After the first time, I couldn't believe what was housed in my system! Once removed I felt like I was walking on air! I lost some weight due to internal waste and toxin removal, and during the fasting process I was able to get a good foundation started for eating healthier afterwards, knowing what is left behind when cleanses aren't done or never have been. It's an easy kit to do and well worth the money to rid yourself of the waste and toxins we house. You will feel so much better afterwards.

Laura D

"Thank you for designing this amazing kit which was 100 times easier than I thought it would be."

I actually ordered the Colon Cleanse kit over 2 years ago, but put off doing it as I thought I'd need to psych myself up for the agony of fasting or there never seemed to be the right time. When I eventually started the cleanse, my digestive system had all but gone into hibernation, so I badly needed help. I initially tried home-squeezed apple juice but my cold press juice is too concentrate to mix with the toxin absorber so switched to bottled organic which was simpler and easier to transport to work. I went for the 'Best' option and was pleasantly surprised how easy and rewarding taking a break from food was. I bought Miso soup sachets but only used two and stuck with herbal teas and occasionally fresh vegetable juice. I only felt hunger pangs getting close to my next dosage time so didn't feel tempted, despite a friend's leaving party (with wine and hot chips) and BF eating normally. I've just completed the cleanse and I'm amazed by the results and how my year round hay-fever has calmed down meaning I'm off the medication I take for the first time in 9 years. One mini-sneeze fit a day, I can live with. One bad night (day 2 of the fast I think), when I felt uncomfortable and couldn't sleep for a couple of hours. The next day it was obvious why! Other than that, no real side effects other than tummy grumbling and some bloating. I feel light and energized, although, looking forward to eating light meals again and taking time to cook organic and healthy meals with a new respect for what I eat. Thank you for designing this amazing kit which was 100 times easier than I thought it would be and I'm now curious to see how the long-term benefits play out. I've just ordered a partner pak. Amazingly if you knew my BF so thanks in advance from him too.


"Your staff was very professional and answered all my questions with detail."


Subject: Colon Cleansing Kit

I just wanted to take a moment to Thank You for such a great kit! This kit is everything and more than you describe it as. I have never felt so revitalized and energetic as I do now. I completed my first cleanse a couple weeks ago and it was the best thing that I could have ever done. The kit is very simple and easy to follow with the detailed instructions and guide that you provide. The website is very informative. Your staff was very professional and answered all my questions with detail. I lost 13lbs and feel absolutely wonderful getting rid of the toxins and mucoid plaque in my digestive system. I have recommended this kit to everyone that I know. My mother has now begun her cleanse and she is very excited. Thanks again for all your help. You have a great staff and incredible products.*

Thanks Again,
Amy L.
Central PA

"'s so clear and easy to use, leaving nothing to uncertainty."


Subject: feedback on colon cleanse

I am just about to have completed the colon cleanse program. Thank you, it's really good and I am recommending it to everyone. I want to compliment you on the design of the users book and dosage calendar, it's so clear and easy to use, leaving nothing to uncertainty.*

Thanks in advance,

"A great help was your Dosage Calendar and User's Guide, which is very logical and clear."

To Blessed Herbs,

After finding you site by accident and reading it carefully, I thought this must be a joke. It simply can't be that this kind of "rubber-stuff" is in one's colon, especially in my case as I always had good food and no Fast (Junk)-Food, Cola Drinks, etc. Anyway, based on my curiosity and on the fact that your product is purely organic I gave it a chance. The result: precisely as described on your web site. The photos ARE NOT EXAGERATED! I have chosen the "best option" and it worked excellent for me. No pains except some short and light headache. A great help was your Dosage Calendar and User's Guide, which is very logical and clear. It is an honest realistic description! Congratulations. One cannot miss the point. Now after the total cleansing I feel great and clean, my digestion works just fine. This cleansing will be repeated on a constant basis. I have recommended your product to all my family and friends.*

All the best, God bless you
A. J.

"I am currently deployed to Kuwait... If I could do it, out here, anybody could."

First of all I just wanted to say thank you. I am currently deployed to Kuwait and live on an Army camp that, naturally, does not have most of the luxuries that a base in the states would offer. In spite of the obstacles that I face here I found your kit to be very simple, user friendly, and in the end, was so well organized that I never felt challenged to be able to complete the steps I needed to. I feel energized and clean, which is pretty hard to accomplish out here where sand, dirty water, and heat do their best at making you feel as dirty as possible. At least I feel like internally my body is as clean as it could ever be.

I don't think it could have been any easier or user friendly, especially for a 24 year old guy attacking something of that magnitude. If I could do it, out here, anybody could. For that I want to thank you. It is evident that you put a lot of time, research, and effort into making this as efficient and easy as possible. Even during the 5 day juice fast (which I completed successfully!), I felt encouraged by your obvious extensive research and planning. I had no idea that my body was harboring "that stuff". :-) *

Dustin C.

"I have not felt tired or at all hungry."

I am on day 5. I was told about the product by a colleague and I was intrigued so I decided to try it for myself after reading about you on your web page. I expected it to be a trial on my willpower. I have set aside the time to do it. I expected to be hungry, tired, etc as I work shifts and often to early hours of the morning.

But it was so easy. And the results have astounded me. I have not felt tired or at all hungry.

I feel brilliant

I am so happy to have discovered you and will be telling everyone.*

Best Wishes,
Teresa B.

"It was so nice to open the box and have it all organized and presented to me"

Hello, I received my order today. First, I would like to say how impressed I am by the professional and detailed presentation of your product. It was so nice to open the box and have it all organized and presented to me, rather than having to dig through packing peanuts and try to figure it all out for myself!*


"I was so impressed with the layout and the user-friendly guides."

Good afternoon! I just ordered the Colon Cleansing Kit... I'm so excited to get it and to do the cleanse. Martha, thank you for all of your background, your time and your knowledge to develop such an amazing system... On another note - I've been a graphic designer for fifteen years - and after downloading and reading the usage guide and the calendar - I was so impressed with the layout and the user-friendly guides. I noticed that they were designed by Shalom ... I just wanted to send him a 'thank you' as well for designing such a wonderful piece to go along with the system ... To take all of the information and present it in such an easy-to-understand way. Very nice work.*

Thank you very much for everything, I'll let you know how it 'goes'!

Carrie N.

"Thank you very much for your wonderful service and kind manner."

Dear Blessed Herbs,

I have just completed the "Colon Cleansing Kit" and it was fantastic. Thank you very much for your wonderful service and kind manner.*

Rachel B.

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