Mucoid Plaque

When you should start to see mucoid plaque

If you are doing the BEST Option, the majority of users generally report seeing mucoid plaque on the second to third day. This is because the intestines take time to empty of solid food and begin the cleansing process. In fact one can choose to do an additional five days of liquids–only fasting, for a total of 10 days. Many people who have done this have found the most mucoid plaque actually comes out on days six to nine.*

Why you may not see plaque while doing the Colon Cleansing Kit™

Mucoid plaque comes in different forms from old, dark, rubber-tire looking material to a fine, thin, light brownish film and everything in between.* To understand this better, imagine a frying pan. After its first use, there may be just a film over its surface and you might elect not to clean it. If left there after many uses, a thick coating, that is more visible, will be built up. It is much easier to get off the thin film as compared to the encrusted layers that happen after much use and little cleaning. When you do your colon cleansing, it is not possible to know if you have a thin or thick amount of mucoid plaque on your intestinal walls, and therefore when it finally comes off, you may or may not notice it, according to how much was there. In the rare case of someone who has done a lot of cleansing and has always eaten a healthy, fibrous diet, they may experience no plaque at all, and yet they too gain a benefit of moving out any toxins before they build up.* It is a little like, if we washed our face yesterday, why wash today? I can’t see anything – yet. If we don’t wash at all, it doesn’t take too long before we begin to notice the build-up on our skin. Cleansing is important not only for our external skin, but also our internal lining.* This is what a good colon cleanse can do for you.

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