Black Haw Bark

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Wild harvested Black Haw Bark for herbal and naturopathic feminine remedies

Black Haw Bark from Blessed Herbs is 1 pound of cut, wild-harvested Viburnum Prunifolium (Black Haw) bark. Black Haw bark is a potent herb often employed to relieve feminine health related symptoms and ailments. Black Haw may support uterus health, promoting healthy pregnancy.*

Black Haw has also been used to address the symptoms of menstrual cramping. This herb may also support the digestive system and bladder, as well as act as a mild diuretic – allowing your body to restore its natural balance by increasing urine flow, thereby alleviating symptoms of water retention.*

Herbal Ingredients

Black Haw Bark – Black Haw has been traditionally used as a feminine aide. Black Haw may support a healthy pregnancy by toning the uterus and reducing the symptoms of cramping. Black Haw may promote a healthy digestive system, bladder, and ideal balance by alleviating water retention due to its potential diuretic attributes.*

Black Haw Bark
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