Peppermint Leaf

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United States Grown Mentha Piperita leaves for teas, tinctures, herbal remedies and more

Peppermint leaf (Mentha Piperita) has been in both medicinal and culinary use for centuries. The leaves of this plant give off a distinct odor and a warm, delicious taste paired with a unique cooling sensation – especially when breathing in after they are chewed or eaten. Peppermint leaves can be brewed into a delicious tea that settles the stomach, or combined with any number of other herbs for your very own unique herbal remedies and digestive aides.

The active plant compound menthol gives peppermint its curative properties – for most people, the effects of peppermint tea on the stomach are soothing, cool and gentle actions. Peppermint leaf promotes a healthy response to gas buildup, relieving pressure and delivering relief in the presence of indigestion.

Herbal Ingredients

Peppermint Leaf – Used for both food and medicinal purposes since ancient times, peppermint leaves promote a healthy response to stomach maladies such as gaseous pressure or indigestion. The active plant compound menthol gives peppermint both its curative properties as a digestive aide as well as its delicious taste.

Peppermint leaf
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