Beeswax (Pieces)

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All-natural beeswax harvested in the United States*

Beeswax from Blessed Herbs is made up of 1 pound of wild-harvested beeswax. Used by humans for centuries, Beeswax is one of the most commonplace yet complicated natural products: it is composed of nearly 300 different compounds and elements.*

Traditional uses of beeswax includes candles, balms, and as a thickening agent for salves, ointments and more. Beeswax may have gentle inflammatory response encouraging properties, especially when applied externally. Beeswax may also support healthy cholesterol balance, and may have an effect on digestive maladies as well. *

Herbal Ingredients

Beeswax – Beeswax has been harvested for centuries. A complex compound made up of hundreds of different elements, Beeswax may support a calm stomach. Beeswax may also promote balanced cholesterol levels already in their normal range for healthy individuals.*

Beeswax (Pieces)
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