Aletris root - Liquid Extract

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Traditional herbal remedy Aletris farinosa root in potent extract form

Aletris Root - Liquid Extract from Blessed Herbs is made from wild-harvested roots of the Aletris plant (sometimes called Crow corn or Unicorn root) before being made into this potent herbal tincture. Aletris root was used by Native American cultures for a multitude of symptoms, predominantly for pregnant women.

Aletris Root may support uterine function and healthy feminine blood flow during as well as after pregnancy. Aletris Root is a safe herb to ingest during pregnancy. Aletris may also encourage fertility in both men and women.* 

Herbal Ingredients

Aletris Root – The diosgenin compound in Aletris is a possible estrogen mimic. Aletris Root was used to address feminine maladies by Native American cultures. Aletris Root may support uterine health and blood flow during as well as after pregnancy. It may have medicinal effects in regards to potency and impotence in both men and women.*

Aletris root - Liquid Extract
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