Devil's Claw root - Liquid Extract

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Potent tincture derived from dried, wild harvested Harpagphytum procumbens root*

Devil’s Claw Root – Liquid Extract from Blessed Herbs is made from high-quality Harpagphytum procumbens roots, a low-growing plant native to South Africa whose unique and somewhat perturbing name stems from the red, claw-shaped appearance of its fruit. The large, tuberous roots of the Devil’s Claw plant have been used for medicinal purposes by both South African native peoples as well as European settlers, who brought Devil’s Claw back to Europe as an herbal remedy. The healthy inflammatory response associated with taking Devil’s Claw is thought to stem from several plant sterols in conjunction with a compound called Harpagoside. *

Devil’s Claw may encourage your body’s healthy reaction to normal aches and pains over time, as well as encourage liver and gall bladder functions. Devil’s Claw may also improve digestion overall, however because it can stimulate stomach acid production, care should be taken by those with pre-existing stomach conditions.*

Herbal Ingredients

Devil’s Claw – Devil’s Claw (Harpagphytum procumbens) derives its name from its red, claw-like fruit and its potential to promote healthy inflammatory responses from an iridoid glycoside called Harpagoside. Devil’s Claw root may encourage your body’s healthy reaction to normal aches and pains over time and can promote liver, gall bladder and digestive health – although care with the later should be taken as Devil’s Claw can encourage stomach acid production as well.*

Devil's Claw root - Liquid Extract
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