Licorice root - Liquid Extract

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Traditional herbal remedy Glycyrrhiza glabra root in potent extract form

Licorice Root – Liquid Extract from Blessed Herbs is a high-potency herbal supplement that packs the traditionally recognized medicinal benefits of Licorice root into a convenient, easy-to-take form. Licorice’s active plant compounds have attributes that encourage a healthy inflammatory response from the body. In addition to supporting healthy respiratory system functions, Licorice root – Liquid Extract can be used to address stomach upsets as well as promote healthy liver recovery.*

Herbal Ingredients

Licorice – Licorice is often used in candy, but has been utilized by traditional Chinese medicine for years. Licorice can promote healthy digestive, liver, and inflammatory functions in the lungs – and there is strong evidence that supports its proposed ability to modulate airway constriction, ease respiratory difficulty and provide relief for bronchial problems and pet dander allergies.*

Licorice root - Liquid Extract
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