Couch Grass Rhizome

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One pound of Triticum Repens Rhizome (root structure) cut and wild-harvested in Turkey

Couch Grass Rhizome has been utilized as an herbal medicinal remedy since medieval times. A hardy, fast-growing plant, Triticum Repens has spread throughout the world, and is often regarded as an invasive – however it has been utilized to prevent soil erosion and as grazing stock in some places. Couch Grass Rhizomes (or root structure) can be used to create herbal teas and tonics. Traditionally administered to promote healthy bladder and urinary functions, Couch grass may support healthy water regulation & digestion as well.

Herbal Ingredients

Couch Grass Rhizomes – Couch Grass (Triticum Repens) rhizomes have been used in medicinal treatments since the middle ages. A fast growing plant native to Europe, it is now found all over the world. Couch Grass Rhizome can be brewed into tea – and may support healthy bladder and urinary functions.

Couch Grass Rhizome
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