Olive Leaf

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Premium Olea Europaea leaves for teas, tinctures and more

Olive leaves from Blessed Herbs are natural, organic Olea Europaea leaves for use in your own teas and herbal remedies. Discover the incredible immune system promoting power of Olive Leaf – delivering many of the amazing health benefits of olive oil in botanical form.*

Olive Leaf is rife with antioxidants, much like the oil made from the fruit of the same tree. These potent polyphenols also support your body’s immune system, giving you natural strength to repel the worst your environment throws at you without unnatural supplements or vaccinations.*

Herbal Ingredients

Olive Leaf – Olea Europaea leaves deliver many of the same benefits of olive oil: potent antioxidant compounds and immune system supporting polyphenols. These active plant compounds promote your body’s healthy immune response to a wide range of environmental stressors.*

Olive leaf
(Olea europaea)
Country of Origin: Spain
Form: Cut
Package Type: Pkg
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