Southern Prickly Ash Bark

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Southern Prickly Ash Bark (Zanthoxylum Clava-Herculis) is a spiny tree or shrub native to the southeastern United States. It grows to 10–17 m tall and has a distinctive, thick lumps 2–3 cm long on the bark.

Southern Prickly Ash Bark promotes pain relief*, and is most often used as a poultice applied to the skin over the area of pain. Traditional herbal medicine also uses prickly ash to kill parasites and to alleviate abdominal pain, particularly when the source of the pain is a parasitic infection.

Our bulk Southern Prickly Ash Bark is wild harvested and comes cut in one pound packages.

Southern Prickly Ash bark
(Zanthoxylum clava-herculis)
Country of Origin: USA
Form: Cut
Wild Harvested
Package Type: Pkg
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