Usnea Lichen

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Wild harvested Usnea Barbata for use in poultices, treatments, and remedies

Usnea Lichen (Usnea Barbata) has been used medicinally for over a thousand years. Due to the naturally occurring anti-bacterial acid compounds in Usnea, it has been utilized for treating minor surface wounds and infections where modern antibiotics and bandages were either unavailable or non-existent. Usnea Lichen is also packed with vitamin C – making it a potent supporter of your body’s natural immune system response, particularly to bacteria and other infectious conditions.*

Usnea Lichen from Blessed Herbs is one pound of wild harvested Usnea Barbata, sourced from the United States, for use in your very own homemade poultices, topical salves, and other herbal remedies. Due to the potent plant compounds found in Usnea, please consult your doctor or master herbalist before beginning internal use of Usnea.*

Herbal Ingredients

Usnea Lichen – High in vitamin C, Usnea Barbata was once used to treat wounds before modern antibiotics were available. In fact, Usnea has been used for medicinal purposes for at least 1600 years. Usnea promotes a healthy immune system response in the presence of bacterial and microbial stimuli.*

Usnea Lichen
(Usnea barbata)
Country of Origin: USA
Form: Cut
Wild Harvested
Package Type: Pkg
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