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These testimonials about our all-natural body detox products do not reflect everyone's experience. Although the Internal Cleansing Kit™ does come with a satisfaction guarantee, individual results may vary from the testimonials shown here.

The Internal Cleansing Program is Worth its Weight in Gold

...I could not believe how much the Internal Cleansing Program cost. But from the first time I opened the box, I was impressed. Everything was so professional it made me want to do it right. Now, after I have completed the program I feel better than I ever have in my whole life. The program combined with healthy eating has restored my vitality, mental focus, and even my emotional well-being. These results are priceless. The Internal Cleansing Program is worth its weight in gold. Thank you Blessed Herbs.
T. S., Client, Virginia

Harmony With My Body

...the Internal Cleansing Kit worked in harmony with my body. Helped with my food cravings and gave me lots of energy. I had a feeling of well-being!...
E. S., Client, Ohio

New Energy

...I found it to be remarkable. I have new energy and the weight I have been trying to lose has since come off. My husband would like to do the cleanse! Thank you for your wonderful product...
K. J., Client, California

You Made it All So Easy

...finally, something that really works! The proof is undeniable!...Your packaging and directions made it all so easy...
N. F., Client, Massachusetts

Stamina to Cope

...I lost so much weight others are asking about your products... My schedule is demanding but thanks to you I have the stamina to cope...
Dr. E. T., California

Truly Incredible

...The results of this cleanse were truly incredible. I am going right into the Colon Cleanse, so I will let you know how I feel after that!
S. H., Client

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Testimonials by Holistic Practitioners

Using The Kit In My Teachings

...I am impressed with the comprehensiveness of the Internal Cleansing Kit. It makes the job of a Naturopath more needing to find and dispense a multitude of herbs & products to achieve goals. I am going to use this in my teachings on detoxification for my final year ND students...
Dr. R. D., ND, Bastyr University, Washington

Great Improvement husband did very well on the cleanse and we have seen great improvement in his overall health...I will be encouraging clients to do this cleanse...
Dr. A. K., ND, California

Thank You for a Good Detox

I definitely feel lighter, not only because I lost five lbs, but also because my energy is good, I feel sharp and attuned both mentally and physically...Thank you for a good detox!
Dr. C. L., ND


...the energetic "power" of your herbs is incredible, congratulations!...
C.B., CHT, New Jersey

On Top of This World

...I am so excited and I am feeling really well. Just six days left and I should be on top of this world! I believe I have found a wonderful connection with you that will help quite a few of my clients...
D. M., HP, New Hampshire

Sweet and Pure

...the Internal Cleansing Kit has an energy that is sweet and pure...
C. S., Shaman, Massachusetts

The Kit is Fantastic

The kit is fantastic - a profound offering and an inspiration. Thanks for all you do. Much love and appreciation.
Dr. F. S., ND, Colorado

Cleansing in an Easier Manner

...for those people who are aware of body cleansing, a great thing is the addition of toxin neutralizers, which enable the body to go through cleansing in an easier manner.
K. F., Acupuncturist

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