The Internal Cleansing Kit™

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The Internal Cleansing Kit starts with a three-day pre-cleanse. During this time you will discover the number of Digestive Stimulator capsules you need to take before bed to assure three daily bowel movements the following day. This number depends on how regular you are now. You will take this number of Digestive Stimulator caps each day of your cleanse. You will also begin taking Toxin Absorber once a day. This bulk fiber assists your body in removing toxins throughout your cleanse.*

Week One

The Internal Cleansing Kit begins with supporting and cleansing your liver & gallbladder. The liver is your body’s primary organ of detoxification. It performs over 500 separate metabolic functions which can be grouped into two main actions: processing digested food from the blood and fats from the lymphatics, and filtering wastes and toxins from the blood.

Liver & Gallbladder Rejuvenator

The Liver & Gallbladder Rejuvenator

Support and cleanse your liver for the entire detox process. As with most Internal Cleansing Program formulas, you will be taking it three times a day: before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Large Parasite Cleanser 1 & 2, Small Parasite Cleanser and Friendly Bacteria Replenisher

In week one, you will also take four formulas to rebalance populations of intestinal organisms. Three formulas, Large Parasite Cleanser 1, Large Parasite Cleanser 2 and Small Parasite Cleanser, work to eliminate unwanted para-organisms. The fourth, Friendly Bacteria Replenisher, will re-colonize your intestinal tract with probiotics, the good bacteria that maintain your life.*

Para-organisms are organisms that live on or in another living creature. They can be microscopic, or large – called macroscopic. Up to 50% of the population carries at least one form of unwanted para-organism, which usually survive without detection. Para-organisms produce vague signs of digestive distress, or unexplained fatigue. They can rob us of our nutrition and burden our body with their toxic secretions.

Toxin Neutralizer

During week one, you will also begin taking Toxin Neutralizer once a day to protect your cells during cleansing and to reduce damage from free radicals.* You’ll continue this throughout the cleanse.

Refreshing Green Tea Blend

You can have a cup of this flavorful tea, full of antioxidants, at any point during your cleanse for a little extra support.

Week Two

In week two, you will focus on your kidneys and lungs. During this week you will be adding Kidney &Bladder Rejuvenator and Lung Rejuvenator to the formulas you began in week one. These two formulas are taken 3 times a day, only in week two.

Kidney & Bladder Rejuvenator

Kidney & Bladder Rejuvenator

About 250 gallons of blood pass through your kidneys daily, removing toxins and excess water. Kidneys that become toxic can affect the entire balance of the body on a very deep level. Internal cleansing can help free up the energy of the kidneys so they are able to perform their vital functions with ease.

Lung Rejuvenator

The lungs take in oxygen from the air and transfer it to the blood, which circulates the oxygen to every cell in the body. The lungs also get rid of carbon dioxide, the waste product of the body’s energy production. The air we breathe is often contaminated with carbon monoxide and other toxic substances. Breathing in these dirty particles causes the bronchial tubes to constrict in order to trap the particles in sticky mucus. While defending us from harm, this constriction also reduces the amount of oxygen we take in, which can affect our health and the way our body performs.

Week Three

During the third week, you will concentrate on your blood, skin, and lymph systems. You will be taking two formulas, Blood & Skin Rejuvenator and Lymph Rejuvenator, three times a day during week three.

Blood & Skin Rejuvenator

The blood’s job is to deliver oxygen, food and other essential substances to cells, and send carbon dioxide and other wastes to the organs of elimination. When the liver and kidney aren’t filtering wastes properly, the blood can be filled with excess toxins, and attempt to “push” toxins out through the skin. This can result in rashes and other skin problems.

Lymph is a watery, slightly yellow liquid in the lymphatic vessels, which act as a drainage system for the body, flowing alongside the blood vessels. When the lymphatic system becomes overly toxic, it can leave a great deal of unprocessed waste throughout the body. This can lead to a weak immune system, frequent colds, and an overall cloudy & weighted feeling throughout the body.

Beyond Week Three

You should continue taking any remaining Digestive Stimulator until you have completely used up your bottle. (You can order more and continue for as long as you like).

Complete instructions are provided within the User’s Guide and Dosage Calendar. Printed versions of both are included in each Internal Cleansing Kit.

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