The Para Cleansing Kit™

The Para Cleansing Kit

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No one wants to play host to unwanted guests that invade our bodies, but avoiding them can be an impossible task. We are exposed to these freeloaders just about everywhere we go, including our homes, workplaces, schools and restaurants. Most troubling is that these unwanted guests can survive without detection and often produce vague symptoms of digestive distress or unexplained fatigue, mimicking symptoms of other health issues. Living within our digestive tracts, they can rob us of our nutrition and burden our body with their toxic secretions.

By choosing the Blessed Herbs® Para Cleansing Kit™, you’re selecting one of the most comprehensive herbal cleanses available today. Five unique formulas combine to promote a clean & healthy intestinal environment, helping rejuvenate energy and well-being.* This parasite cleanse provides cleansing and removal of waste and unwanted guests without harshness, and works naturally with your body’s normal cleansing process to keep your digestive tract running smoothly and support overall health.*

The Para Cleansing Kit

2 step kit: When performing a parasite cleanse, it is vital that your colon is working efficiently so that the unwanted organisms can be effectively flushed out from the body to avoid toxic build up—a perfect environment for unwanted organisms to thrive. Unlike most parasite cleanses, the Para Cleansing Kit includes both a mild, non-fast colon cleanse (step 1) along with three targeted parasite-cleansing liquid formulas (step 2) to help expel the unwanted guests and support your body’s natural digestive and eliminatory functions.*
12 day program you can use without disrupting your regular lifestyle.
Our master herbalists developed propriety formulations of 38 different herbs using a variety of delivery methods: liquid, powder, and capsule. Why? So you don’t just get a bunch of herbs thrown together – you get the right herbs in the right formula to cleanse and rejuvenate your body.*
No harsh stimulant laxatives that make you run for the bathroom.
If you are not satisfied with the Para Cleansing Kit for any reason, you can return it any time for a full refund of the purchase price or an exchange.
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