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About Us

Since 1985, Blessed Herbs has been in the business of caring for the health of our customers by offering premium herbal products to enhance their overall wellness. Over 30 years later, we are still here providing a full line of quality herbal supplements to health-conscious consumers, herbalists, health-care professionals and retailers in the United States and abroad. Today, our herbal cleansing kits and supplements are routinely used by thousands of health practitioners and hundreds of thousands of individuals all over the world.*

Superior Quality and Integrity

At Blessed Herbs, we strive to consistently provide the highest–quality, purest herbal products available. When it comes to herbs, we are extremely selective about which ones we use, and will not settle for less than pure, premium ingredients that have not been over harvested. Once our ingredients are selected, each and every one is tested extensively—for quality, purity, and potency—before it can be included in our products.*

To show how much we care about your health and your satisfaction, we offer a 1 year money back guarantee on all our products.*

Herbal Cleansing: Nature and You Working Together

In our modern society, it's easy to forget that we're an integral part of nature; that our bodies are part of a holistic, living system that supports and nourishes us.*

When we're in good health, it's a sign we are not overworking our bodies. Likewise, when we're out of sorts our bodies are sending us a signal that we are out of balance, that we are out of sync.*

Herbal cleansing is a way to "reset" our internal system and help our bodies regain balance. Blessed Herbs' herbal cleansing formulas help your body expel accumulated waste and toxins so you can get your health back on track. However, it's just as important to take care of all your body's systems in between cleansing so you continue to thrive on a daily basis. That's why we've added a full line of supplements for targeted support. We want the very best for your body—and we are dedicated to your overall health.*

We are glad you found us and hope to help you find Your way, naturally, The Blessed Herbs Team.