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Blessed Herbs Practitioners – Nevada

Donna DeCarolisDonna DeCarolis, Las Vegas, NV

What is your education or professional work experience?

My name is Donna DeCarolis. I am the director of operations of Las Vegas Colon Hydrotherapy School and Clinic; LLC. We have a facility that is licensed by the commission on Post Secondary Education. We have 3 instructors certified by I-ACT (The International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy). With 18 years of experience you can be certain of our professionalism.

What is your expertise or focus?

Our expertise is on the client and their health. Dealing with Colon Hydrotherapy as the main means of treatment. Our second focus is on the school. Training clients to be GREAT colon Hydrotherapists.

How do you work with clients?

Our special "hands on" sessions with our clients really show off our deep desire to walk in the healing of The total person. The Mind, Body and Spirit.

What is the cost and time for initial consultation and follow-up work?

Our prices are very reasonable. You can check our web-site for all prices www.lasvegascolonhydrotherapy.com. If you have never had a colonic before, a consult is a must. The consultant will cover your goals and how to achieve them.

What is the preferred method of contact?

Please feel free to call us at (702) 471-0088 or e-mail us directly from the web-site www.lasvegascolonhydrotherapy.com.

What is your experience with the Blessed Herbs cleansing products?

We have been using Blessed Herb Products for 3 years with much success. Our clients are very pleased with the professionalism of the packaging and the directions. I personally have never seen a more professional company.

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