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I feel so much better, full of energy *

After several decades of dieting, constipation, and more recently total exhaustion, I became extremely concerned about my health. I went to the Doctor for tests for my thyroid, because my mother has an under-active one, I thought maybe I had the same and this was the reason for my extreme exhaustion, and weight gain. The tests came back clear. I decided to research the internet for information on severe constipation and came across Blessed Herbs. I read with interest, and must admit was rather skeptical, but thought I had to give it a go. When the package arrived, I did not start straight away, I needed to be in the right frame of mind to adopt such an extreme program I thought.....but I needn't have worried. The whole process from start to finish was an amazing experience. I did the 5-day detox, with no solid foods passing my lips, and I did not feel hungry once. The second day of the detox I became extremely bloated, and a bit worried, but I needn't have been, because true to their word I had a large movement! But better out than in, and after that, even though I was not eating I was truly amazed how much waste was still coming out of me.....so I must have been 'full up', my whole digestive system clogged up for years with all this toxic, putrid, rotting stuff. No wonder I was so exhausted, constipated, had mood swings etc....my own body was poisoning itself!!!! Well, I can't thank Blessed Herbs enough. I feel so much better, full of energy, am going to the toilet properly now, my hair and skin are glowing and I feel more positive and stronger as a person. I would recommend this Kit to anyone who needs a health kickstart. It is worth every penny and more. *

Sharon S.

I could literally run up the steep staircase in my Vermont farmhouse *

Two years ago I felt simply horrible. I saw a topic on a raw food forum about colon cleansing, and Blessed Herbs was one of the products that was brought up. I sifted through all the material on that site, and decided that I would give Blessed Herbs a try. I discovered that my energy level was up. I could literally run up the steep staircase in my Vermont farmhouse. I'm getting the urge to perform another cleanse soon, and will try the peppermint system next time. Thanks for all the telephone support your knowledgeable staff helped me with. *

Peg G.

I could feel the effects of the toxins being released and expelled, like nothing I've ever felt before *

I just wanted to tell you I'm astounded. I tried the ginger colon cleansing kit with the 5 day fast and was just blown away. I feel amazing. I've used other cleansing kits before but they left me bloated, uncomfortable and tired. I could feel the effects of the toxins being released and expelled, like nothing I've ever felt before. Food also still tastes amazing. And I sleep better, too. I also have more energy. The list goes on... I don't have photos but I can't stop raving about this. Thank you so much.*

Alexis M.

My sex life has improved (much to my husband's delight) as I now have energy and feel a lot sexier! *

7 years ago I started to have problems with acid reflux and my digestion was quite poor (it's a long standing family joke that we have all inherited chronic constipation), I was constantly tired and sluggish 3 years ago I was involved in a serious road accident that left me in hospital for a month with many injuries. During my recovery, I was left feeling completely drained and weak and my digestion problems worsened. My symptoms included constant bloating, weak nails and hair, adult acne, constant constipation ( I was only having one movement a week and that was only if I took strong laxatives), stomach aches, wind and right before the cleanse I was having bad headaches, I was very impatient and snappy with my kids and I was also considering seeing my GP. I tried several colonics but even the therapist doing them said she'd never known a more stubborn system than mine and I gave up after 5 attempts to "unblock" my colon with very little to show for the time, money and effort I put into it. As a last ditch attempt I googled my symptoms and came across the cleanse. I couldn't wait to start it and have just finished the 8 day cleanse ( I incorporated some raw juices in but kept drinking real tea ) and feel so much cleaner and lighter. On the second day I was starting to produce some revolting movements and I was also releasing some quite strong emotions ( my partner was startled when I burst into tears in a supermarket car park for no apparent reason! It was hard to explain that it was a good thing!) During this time I have had the chance to completely listen to my body and now realize that I haven't been suffering from acid reflux but have in fact got problems with not producing enough acid which means my whole system has been stagnant for years. I am now reviewing my entire eating and drinking habits and intend to cleanse every 6 months. My outlook is completely different as well—during my cleanse we had problems with neighbors and ex partners and under normal circumstances I would have been stressed and anxious and would have probably drunk too much or eaten too much (as is my habit) but I dealt with each situation calmly. No one else has said this in their testimonials but I certainly will, my sex life has improved (much to my husband's delight) as I now have energy and feel a lot sexier! I couldn't believe the gunk that was in me and I am so glad it's been flushed out, many thanks for your brilliant kit.*

Liz S.

I used to take 2 hrs to fall asleep now it takes me 15-45 min at most *

I did the strong cleanse (no solid food just apple juice and water). *

Acne went from Severe down to Moderate. *

My fatigue seems to be going away I'd say by at least 60% (this is one of the real reasons I'm cleansing and rebuilding my body). I need my body to be able to do what I ask it to and not lay around in bed all day cause I'm tired...feeling guilty and starting to believe my family that I'm lazy when what I really am is intoxicated.*

My mind is becoming more sharper and more willing to its job like—thinking—and having the need to keep moving forward like—like the seed that grows in to a tree to give fruit—instead of just settling for an idle life with no spiritual needs. *

There's more stuff that has improved and there is still some things that I need to do (like taking out the mercury out of my mouth) but I just have to play it safe because over detoxifying can lead to adding more toxins back into the body and I feel it's wise to be careful even if you're doing the right thing.*



I have found a much deeper place of inner calm and energetic experience *

Hi, I have currently done your colon cleanse and thought it was so incredible. I have been eating a raw food diet for 6 years and still I had tons of waste. It is one thing when you read about it and see photos, but when it comes out of your own bottom it's a completely different story!!!! *

I also experienced a gigantic shift with my meditation practice—since the fast and herbs and release I have found a much deeper place of inner calm and energetic experience. The gut as I am sure you know is described as the second brain (although I like to see it as possibly the first) so this stuff is sitting on our second brain—it's no wonder it dampens down our experience of life and connection!!! *

THANK YOU so much for creating such wonderful products. *

Much love,


My eyes are brighter, my skin is glowing and my energy levels have shot through the roof! *

Dear Blessed Herbs team, *

I have just completed the 9 day Herbal Colon Cleanse Program and I have to tell you it truly was an uplifting experience. *

I must admit I was a bit worried about fasting for five days, but I was determined to follow the "Best Option" plan. As your beautifully prepared informational kit conveyed, the first day of fasting was the hardest. After that my body almost went into auto drive, with no hunger pangs disturbing my focus. *

My waste removal, was eye opening to say the least, but as you say "better out of us than in us". I eat a pretty healthy diet with lots of fresh fruits and raw veggies so I didn't have a lot of the really black rubbery stuff come out, but I did have 3 bowel movements every morning and felt lighter and cleaner each time. *

All my friends and colleagues were fascinated by the fact that I undertook such a program and now they all want to try it for themselves as they can literally see the benefits for themselves in my own personal reaction to the herbal colon cleanse—my eyes are brighter, my skin is glowing and my energy levels have shot through the roof! *

I now plan to do this every 6 months to assist in my achieving optimal health. *

I really want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the care and preparation that is so evident in how you plan, package and write about the herbal cleanse program. *

Take care for now,

Trish B.

My skin is clearer, my stomach is not bloated and I feel less fatigue *

Hi, my name is Cristell and I would like to say God bless you for creating this colon cleansing kit. I was at the point of giving up. I am a mother, wife and a full time worker who was been constantly struggling with constipation and bloating . I've tried just about everything that was marketed, spending a great deal of money. When I came across your website I was very skeptical about making anymore purchases. But I decided to take a chance. To my surprise your product did exactly what you said it will do. I started the cleansing on May 23, by May 27 which was the 2nd day of fasting, I was shocked at what I saw come out of me. I needed a witness to this so my husband saw the results and he too was surprised. I am now on my 5th day of the fast and I feel great. My skin is clearer, my stomach is not bloated and I feel less fatigue. My husband can't wait to make his order. I just had to express how I felt about your product. Thank you all for taking the time to create such a product that could heal and save.*

May God continue to bless you.


The headaches, tiredness and constipation have all gone *

One arrived over 3 weeks ago and the other one arrived today!!!!!! Many thanks, have been sharing the first kit with my wife, it's a truly remarkable product you have. I have tried several products in the last 5 years and yours beats them by miles. The headaches, tiredness and constipation have all gone. I had thought hitting 50 yrs it was natural to slow down but now I'm speeding up thanks to your kit.*

Best wishes,


When I bought your product, I was at my wit's end with my digestive tract *

To Everyone at Blessed Herbs:

In trying not to sound like the same "told story," I have to just speak my peace on your product. I was an individual that went beyond the average skeptic. When I bought your product, I was at my wit's end with my digestive tract. Nothing out of everything I was doing was getting my bowel movements the way they're supposed to be. I mean I tried everything...drinking only water for a week, doing a warm sea salt water flush, doing a lemon cleanse, massaging my digestive tract (via my tummy) hoping to get my bowels stimulated, among a laundry list of other things. With the warm sea salt-water flush, I had a diarrhea type response, that burned the you-know-what out of my you-know-where and the smell almost stayed in the bathroom walls. But after the flush, I was at the point where I would have a movement only once every 5 to 7 days. So, being fed up and just disappointed in my body, I decided to try my luck with your product. My supervisor emailed me your link one afternoon. I read all of the information on each and every link and was motivated to give it one more try. I went into the cleanse really thinking I would be the one email you received talking about how it didn't work. Well, the 3 day cleanse went well, as I had a movement the morning after the first dose of stimulator and absorber...I was as excited as a child on Christmas morning. But my my my my my my my!!!!! The third day of the 5-day fast (which I had no problem doing because I wanted the opportunity of the best cleanse possible) is when I began to see major results. And of course, the first 2 days, I said to myself over and over..."I knew it, it's not working on me". But wow, I suppose it just took 3 days to filter through my system and be able to move things out. And the things that were moved out were absolutely mind blowing. ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWING. I had 6-7 movements on days 3, 4, and 5 that were extremely HUGE, and to date, I have at least 1 to 2 a day (I did the pre-cleanse Memorial Day weekend, and the 5 day fasting cleanse the week thereafter). This is truly an investment that I will make once a month; just to make sure I stay cleaned out. Your product is truly blessed by God and I am very thankful that you were revealed to me. What's also interesting is that I had a breakout around my mouth on the second day of the 3-day pre cleanse, that I believe was very synonymous to my body being cleaned of what has gone past my mouth. Thank you to everyone, the staff, the scientists, the creator, the janitors...it takes a lot of people to run a business, and when the outcome is positive, EVERYONE should be recognized.*


Pamela N.